Parody and hilarity

With all of the uncertainty and sadness that Guiding Light fans have experienced lately, I thought it was time for some hilarity.

If you haven’t already seen Guiding Plight – yes, I said Plight – go to YouTube immediately.

Plight was a hysterical parody of GL’s past and at-that-time-current storylines, played on the sets of GL by GL actors, including Charita Bauer (Bert), Maureen Garrett (Holly), and the late, great Christopher Bernau (Alan).

The episodes take those stories and tweak and twist them, Soap and Mary Hartman style, to poke fun at themselves.

Seven of these episodes are on YouTube; my favorite so far is episode three. The first segment is especially hysterical.


The scene is between Bert, who we all remember as the strong, warm matriarch, and Rita, who….let’s just say, she shares a great deal in common with Olivia and Beth in terms of her ability to, um, network and make friends with men.

Charita Bauer’s voice here has an undercurrent of steely bitchiness that seems positively McKinsey-esque. And her response to Rita’s question is hi-ster-ical!

Check all seven episodes out. They’re all funny and filled with creativity. We only see the finished product, but it can a blast to put it all together.

3 thoughts on “Parody and hilarity

  1. Patrick, I posted an interview with Marsha Clarke (ex-Hillary) last summer and this was mentioned in it. Apparently she produced the segments.

    I remember that post, Roger. I just hadn’t remembered these being posted on YouTube before.

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