Gaining momentum

I’m definitely a glass half empty kind of guy. I wouldn’t say I’m pessimistic – I’m more of a realist. My Spidey senses and my instincts usually serve me pretty well. So when I first heard CBS was dropping Guiding Light, I was unsure that it could find a new home.

But those same instincts have been encouraged by the support of fans and the dedication of P&G in wanting to continue the show. I’m becoming more optimistic by the day!

I’m really encouraged by Roger Newcomb’s update about how many fans have responded – over 8,000 fans have signed the petition already. (If you haven’t already, you can sign it by clicking HERE.) Roger also included some radio clips from our friend Destini over at Big Purple Dreams; she appeared on CBC (Canadian radio) talking about the show and the drive to save it.

There’s also encouraging signs in the news that GL is, according to this story, continuing its contract with Peapack, NJ.

lifetime_logoThe most intriguing news at this time is an as-yet-unsubstantiated rumor that Lifetime is interesting in picking up GL (and As The World Turns once its run ends on CBS). This could be a really, really interesting move if it happens.

Lifetime has openings in its daytime schedule; it just sent The Golden Girls to Hallmark Channel and is running Will and Grace in the mornings, early evenings and evenings – 6 half hour slots a day. They have to be paying a substantial syndication fees for all of the repeats they run, and that money might be better spent on original programming.

Picking up GL could definitely fill their programming needs; GL already airs in the morning in many markets, so it could fit into Lifetime’s morning seamlessly.Lifetime is also a promotional powerhouse, so GL ads would likely run during evening programming, as well as any other platform they could promote it on.

I would assume that GL would change shape or format if the Lifetime move happened. An important decision would be the frequency: will it still be a daily soap, several times a week, or will it follow a GH: Night Shift model and move to a weekly soap? (The latter format would encourage DVD production and sales, which adds to profitability and to sustaining future seasons of GL.)

In any case, Lifetime might be the perfect space for new millenium serialized daytime shows – and a viable way to keep the Light on.

4 thoughts on “Gaining momentum

  1. Thanks for a “positive” article. We the FANS will NOT give up. Where the Light goes we will go! Lifetime be our savior!! Keep the Light Shining!!

  2. I hope they are seriously considering a half hour version of GL (and a half hour version of ATWT). An hour five days a week is a huge viewing committment, and I think more new viewers might get hooked if show was only 30 minutes per day.

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