When worlds collide

Other writers, like Roger Newcomb and Sara Bibel, have (as usual) done a great job outlining various options and ideas for a new home for Guiding Light. (I’d add OWN – the Oprah Winfrey Network – to the list of possible networks.) 

Everyone’s been debating what might happen if GL finds a new home, or what happens if it disappears for good. 

One thing I’m really curious about? The impact that these changes will have on As The World Turns, GL’s sister show. 

Jeannie Tharrington, who’s a senior communications director at P&G, has talked in the press about some of the options that are being considered. 

I’d be intrigued to see if these shows combine artistic strengths, onscreen and behind the scenes. 

I’ve already talked about the work of Jill Lorie Hurst, and I think she’d be a great asset at ATWT. I think ATWT and GL have, for a long time, been asked to be something other than what they were. Jill really got GL in a way no one else has for some time. Perhaps she can make the same magic happen in Oakdale. 

Of course, Ellen Wheeler has already had a leadership role at ATWT as a director. She knows the show well, and might have a role in its future as well, especially if the same kind of changes in production are implemented at World Turns

There’s also been talk about actors and characters moving over. I’d be open to this as a fan of both shows, but I hope it’s a matter of committment to the characters and ATWT. The AW/ATWT character shift started so well, but at the end of the day, Jake and Vicky were both dead. 

It’s probably way, waaaaay too early to speculate in earnest, but one name already mentioned: Kim Zimmer.

To my eye, when you look at the vets who have been on for more than 20 or 25 years, and take Bob/Kim and Tom/Margo out of the equation…you have a lot of single ladies: Lisa, Lucinda, Susan, Barbara, and Emma. So utilizing some of GL’s strong, older actors on ATWT seems to be a great idea. 

Capitalizing on GL’s strongest couples – Bill/Lizzie and Otalia – also makes a tremendous amount of sense as well.

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