Night ‘Light’: On the radio

I’ve appeared several times on the BlogTalkRadio show In The Zone.

Ryan, the show’s producer, has graciously invited me to join him tonight to talk about Guiding Light.

It’s a 2 hour show that begins at 10 pm EST (in just over an hour). If you’d like to call in, the number is (347) 996-5978.

It promises to be a spirited discussion, so I hope my readers will be there (especially the BPD crew)!

2 thoughts on “Night ‘Light’: On the radio

  1. Patrick, I completely understand because I feel the same way. My heart continues to break each day when I think about what has happened. When I received that email telling me they had learned only an hour and a half earlier, I was crushed. All I could do was respond with, “I am so sorry. This one hurts.” I sat and stared at his note in disbelief, and my students quietly asked, “Is something wrong?’ I looked at them and quietly said, “They’ve canceled” as I began to fight back the tears…they are falling as I write this.

    As word spread I began receiving emails and phone calls. Some asking what can we do? Others expressing their sympathy as if I had lost a loved one. Even those who have never watched GL or any other soap seemed to understand that I was indeed grieving.

    For me, GL became much more than a soap in recent years. It did indeed become a family. A family of fans who are the only ones who can truly understand what a blow this is. Perhaps what has made it even more difficult for me are the relationships I have built with Ron Raines and Beth Chamberlin. (Note to readers: Tracey is the webmistress for Ron and Beth’s websites. )

    As I grieve the loss of my “Alan Spaulding”, my heart goes out to not only Ron and Beth but the other wonderful actors I have gotten the chance to meet and talk to along the way. From Grant Aleksander, Marcy Rylan, Kim Zimmer, Murray Bartlett, Kane Manera, Jessica Leccia, and more –they are all truly remarkable people. Marj Dusay, what can I say?

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