More fun in the sun

Here’s four more video blogs from the Guiding Light folks in Orlando. They’ve been filming all week with a number of cast members. 

These blogs are from Karla Mosley (Christina) and Lawrence St. Victor (Remy). I was raving about Karla in this blog a few days ago; Christina seems to be a good match for Remy. Lawrence has definitely matured and grown as an actor during his tenure on GL.

I saw Lawrence on Ugly Betty last night. All I can say is……Lawrence works out. A lot.  

As I learned during my set visit in December, Ron Raines is much, much funnier and way more relaxed than Alan Spaulding. I’m still a bit shocked by this video (and some photos I’ve seen) – Alan Spaulding in shades AND shorts? 

And finally, the newest Spaulding, Zack Conroy, who plays James. It can be a bit overwhelming, that first day at a new job.  

The fun continues tomorrow with a day-long celebration and autograph signing session. Sounds like fun – wish I were there!

2 thoughts on “More fun in the sun

  1. Hi Patrick,
    And that is why we all love Ron! He is so unlike Alan, it is a testament to just how good an actor he really is! I get a chuckle out of the people who are “afraid” to approach him!

  2. Hello Patrick:

    If I may add to the post above, we love ALL of the vets on GL. They are class-acts. The return of Grant Alexsander (Phillip Spaulding) has helped the show immensely. His friendship with Jill Lorie Hurst has been a blessing to the writing and the show as a whole .

    Dare I say that “our” GL is now back on track with thanks to the return of Phillip, the writing of Hurst and (it seems) that the presence of Phillip/GA has increased the morale of the entire cast.


    Hi Pooch, thanks for checking in! Yes, I agree, Grant’s return has made a difference. Here’s hoping we see more of Marj Dusay as well as all the other Spauldings.

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