Strong medicine

One surprise for me on Guiding Light has been how much I’ve enjoyed the character of Christina, Remy’s sorta-wife. Everything pointed to me hating the story – insta-marriage, newbie on the front burner – and yet, it’s turned out to be a sweet story. I really like Karla Mosley as Christina. 

And now, I like her a little better: 

She sang the National Anthem yesterday at a preseason game for the Yankees – AND she hit those notes! Go, Karla!

I hope Christina sticks around. GL would be wise to tear a page from Private Practice’s playbook and have Christina add a little meditation or wellness to her medical specialties. Christina (and Karla) have a great, warm energy and would be really compelling to watch working against a traditional doctor. 

Mosley certainly had chemistry not only with Lawrence St. Victor (Remy) but has also met powerhouses like Kim Zimmer and Ron Raines head to head, so here’s hoping we see more of the new Mrs. Boudreau.

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