Casting call

It looks like Guiding Light has an upcoming storyline that’s going to play out in the Universal resort in Orlando, FL this spring. This Saturday, the show will be there casting for background roles and extras.

Wonder what this will be for? UPDATE: About 10 GL actors are slated to be in scenes taped at Universal, but the main focus appears to be on the Bill/Lizzie story.


Guiding Light, the CBS daytime drama, is heading south to Universal Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida from March 16 – March 21.  Cast and crew will be at the Resort taping scenes throughout Universal Studios Florida, Universal’s Islands of Adventure and Universal’s CityWalk.  The scenes taped at the Resort will air over multiple episodes in mid/late April 2009.

WHO: Guiding Light is looking for you!  The show is hiring actors and non-actors of all ages, types, ethnicities and gender to appear as extras and/or small speaking parts on the CBS daytime drama.

WHAT: Guiding Light star Murray Bartlett (“Cyrus”) and casting director Rob Decina will be holding an open casting session to cast talent for the show’s location shoot taping at Universal Orlando Resort later this month.

WHEN: Saturday, March 7th, 9:00 AM – 1:30 PM

WHERE: Universal CityWalk, The Groove – 1000 Universal Studios Plaza,  Orlando, Florida

2 thoughts on “Casting call

  1. If TPTB are willing to put money into a location shoot, I’d say GL’s chances to continuing to air through this year and into the next are very, very good indeed!

    But…is this the same location used for the Alan-Michael/Lucy story back in, what, 1996? Y’know, when Phillip came back in disguise? Maybe that was at another park, but I’m pretty sure it was in Florida too. it was so lame, I honestly don’t recall the details. I’m hoping this story is better, but I’ve read elsewhere about which cast members are going to appear, and it’s a motley crew, so I’m interested in how cohesive this story/location shoot is going to be.

    It’s not like location shooting on GL is a big deal anymore…even if it IS Peapack…

  2. This does sound very promising. Sincerely doubut that CBS would spend the money on a locatioon shoot if they were going to cancel the show in April as Nelson Branco keeps telling us.

    But Universal Florida is probably also kicking in some of the money for the shoot.

    And yes, GL went to Universal Orlando in 1996 for Philliip’s return to the sow.

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