A radical serial

header1I just wanted to tell my readers about the creative work of a friend of mine, Tim Peacock. 

He’s a very creative, talented writer, and if you like serialized narratives with a futuristic, sci-fi flavor, you’ll want to check out his online serial novel, The Radical Chronicles

Tim’s finding his own path in creating and distributing his work, bypassing a model that is increasingly ineffective and on the cusp of breaking down. I’m hopeful that serialized stories – regardless of their flavor – will continue to exist and thrive here on the Web.

One thought on “A radical serial

  1. With due respect to you and Tim — and I’ll probably take some flak for this — but there’s been whole newsgroups (via USENET) that specialized in serialized stories. My experience with them was more “interactive fiction” — a collective of writers all contributing to an overall serialized storyline (shades of daytime) where no other writer necessarily knew what the others might put in there.

    Yes, it had the potential to turn campy, stupid and downright bizarre, but folks didn’t do that. They explored a shared universe together and the stories were amazingly rich, exciting, poignant and thrilling. I’ve seen Star Trek serialized stories, Star Wars, Mission: Impossible, “World of Darkness” and so on.

    I don’t think they’ll ever NOT thrive online so long as there are people who want to share their passion for writing and the shared universe they agree upon. 🙂

    Matt, I know that online storytelling isn’t new. I just think it’s becoming more and more mainstream. And I’m hoping Tim’s work is recognized and read.

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