Liveblog: Phillip’s return, day 5

What a week!

Recapping thus far: Phillip saved Coop from a burning car, stopped Alan and Beth’s wedding, and had a brief chat with best friend Rick and Buzz Cooper.

9:00 – Otalia scene! Yay! Natalia tells Olivia that she and Frank are going away for the weekend. Valentine’s Day, as it were.

9:01 – Daisy, Ashlee, Marina and Mallet are at the hospital. Frank arrives and is looking for Buzz. Marina’s upset. Mallet gives Marina a get well card/Valentine’s Day card that he bought at the gift shot.

9:03 – Lillian comforts Beth and tells her Coop will pull through. (Lillian! Dr. Rick is treating him!) Beth tells Lillian she spoke to Phillip.

9:04 – From yesterday’s end of show – Lizzie’s at the wreckage and Phillip shows up. He says he couldn’t stay away. He means well, but his words sound awfully stalker-y as they’re coming out. Lizzie: “Stay away from me!”

Theme song. Phillip’s in the opening. I think the GL store should totally be selling red hoodies! A missed marketing opportunity there, dontcha think?

9:10 – Phillip tells Lizzie he knows about Coop’s wedding. Phillip realizes how hurt Lizzie is, and sees shades of Alan and him, I think, in their relationship. He tells her that when she was born, he swore he’d protect her, and he let her down.

Lizzie is pissed. She tells Daddy she’s terrified of him and wished he were still dead.

Wow, LOTS of family therapy ahead THERE.

9:12 – Emma (such a cutie!) and Olivia talk about Natalia’s vacation. Whatever Olivia’s done, she loves Emma so much.

9:13 – Frank brings Daisy a message from Grady (who Daisy had told not to come around). Ashlee (who’s clearly crushing on him) tells her not to shut him out.

And we ALMOST had a Grady-free week. Damn.

9:14 – Marina also got Mallet a gift from the gift shop! A new dad mug. Mallet hasn’t told Marina yet WHY they’re low on the adoption list… interesting way to weave Danny’s name back into the narrative.

9:15 – Beth is worried about Lizzie and James. Frank tells Beth there’s no update on Coop’s condition.

9:16 – Phillip tries to tell Lizzie he was sick, and that he needed time away to get well. He’s pleading with Lizzie. She’s ferociously angry, and guarded, as she’s needed to be with Alan and Bill. Can Daddy get her to open up again?

9:20 – Emma is happy that Natalia’s around. Emma talks about butterflies in her belly when she’s around a boy in her class. Olivia’s feeling butterflies too….around Natalia. Natalia gets the call from Frank and learns Coop was in an accident.

Coop is wheeled out of surgery, past his family.

9:23 – Phillip tells Lizzie the wedding didn’t happen, and tells her he knows about her kidnapping.

Where’d that box come from? Phillip wants her to open it.

9:29 – It’s started to snow in Peap…I mean, Springfield. Phillip gives Lizzie her old teddy bear. Phillip tells Lizzie he knows about Sarah.

And…someone yells from out of sight, “Phillip Spaulding, put your hands in the air!” And…wave ’em like he just don’t care?

9:31 – Lillian talks to the Coopers about Coop’s recover. Daisy and Ashlee go in to see Coop, and talk about how Coop helped them.

9:34 – Natalia tells Olivia about the accident. Another call from Frank, but not about Coop; it was Frankie that arrested Phillip, and he called Natalia so she’d warn Olivia.

9:38 – Daisy shares the news that Coop’s awake, and Mallet and Marina go in to see him. Coop’s wondering where Buzz is, and jokes that the Coopers spend too much time at Cedars. Marina tells Coop they made the adoption list, and suggests a family vacation to Maui. 

Coop has her lean in and tells her to take that trip, and that he loves her. I don’t think he’s feeling all that spiffy…..

9:42 – Coop was asking for Beth; Beth goes into his room to sit by his bedside.

9:43 – Ashlee wonders if Coop woke up because she was there, and admits Coop was the best thing that ever happened to her. She still loves him.

9:44 – Olivia’s in a panic because Phillip’s back. She thinks Phillip and Alan are working together to take Emma away.

9:46 – Frank is cuffing Phillip; Frank learns that Phillip pulled Coop out of the car. Frank arrests him for the kidnappings.

I’m impressed that the show is remembering this thread from over 4 years ago, and is actually following the logic that yes, Phillip did something illegal and WOULD be arrested.

9:50 – Coop and Beth at Cedars. Coop wonders if it’s still Valentine’s Day. They kiss.

9:51 – Natalia calms Olivia down and takes control of the situation. She may be quiet, but you know Natalia would CUT you if you messed with her.

Lizzie’s in her room, crying and holding the bear. She’s totally confused. Frank and a very handsome (!) cop lock Phillip up.

Phillip says to himself, as he sits in his cell, “Welcome home, Phillip.”

And….that’s it for the week!

2 thoughts on “Liveblog: Phillip’s return, day 5

  1. Okay Patrick:
    I’m going to have to watch these scenes on Hulu. I’ve been avoiding it because I was scared they were going to screw it up, but your blog has convinced me that I should give it a try. But dude, if Grady and Phillip become BFF, I know who to blame.
    “Welcome home, Phillip” the first words Aleksander said when he came on the show. Ah, Mr. Aleksander. Welcome back, man.

    Jennifer, are you saying that Grant’s first words waaaaay back in 1983 were “Welcome home, Phillip?” If that’s the case, the awesome quotient just went up.

  2. HI Patrick! I was thinking the same thing about the red hoodie! Then I realized Adidas must have had some marketing deal with the show – the symbol has been prominently featured every day!

    This is the first time GL has felt like a soap to me since, well, since Phillip last got shot. I too am impressed they are remembering details from 2004 (an eternity in soap time). The acting has been amazing. But really, what’s with the music, it’s the only thing feeling completely off to me.

    P.S. – my first thought when Rick was called to surgery was, “yup, that Coop is a gonner.” I hope I’m wrong!

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