Liveblog: Phillip’s return, day 4

Phillip is kicking ass, taking names and making a mess of Springfield.

He’s already crossed paths with Beth, Rick and Alan. Who’s next?

9:00 – Bill and Billy meet up at….Bill’s office? A hotel room? Bill learns from Billy that Beth and Coop were involved.

9:01 – Lizzie’s at Company, and she learns from Daisy that there (a) was no wedding and (b) Coop was badly injured.

9:03 – More “out out damn spot” with the Bloody Wedding Dress of Doom. Beth and Rick are also wondering if Coop’s accident was an accident. And Beth wonders why Phillip picked this day, of all days, to come back.

9:04 – Buzz sees Phillip, and wonders if he’s involved….then realizes Phillip was the one who took Coop to Cedars.

Only love can save the world, blah blah blah meow meow meow.

9:09 – More Bill and Billy, discussing the faux drunken Bill campaign. Bill wants to nail Cyrus as the kidnapper. Warm, Bill, getting warmer.

Where’s Vanessa?

9:11 – Rick tells Beth he doesn’t know why Phillip’s back, and that he seems normal, or better. Beth is looking for reassurance, but really isn’t getting it, and is already on diva drama overload with Coop and Angry!Alan. Rick reminds Beth that Phillip is still family.

9:13 – Phillip tells Buzz it was he that pulled Coop out. Alan taunts Buzz that Coop should have died in that car for making a fool of Alan. (Oh, but Alan…you do that SO well on your own.) Phillip had been guarding Alan, but when he hears that b.s., he steps out of the way so Buzz can take a swing at Alan.

Mr. Clean has been working out, hasn’t he?

9:16 – More Buzz and Alan fighting. Phillip is (sorta) the voice of reason. Phillip tells Buzz he’s better. Buzz tells Phillip that Zach (and Harley, and Jude) are halfway around the world.

9:19 – Ashlee! She’s shocked that Beth was – is – Coop’s new girlfriend.

9:21 – Phillip’s back at the Spaulding mansion, looking at photos. He’s heading up to the balcony. (He’s tall enough to touch the ceiling!)

Meanwhile, Lizzie’s looking for Cyrus…but finds Bill.

Beth just can’t get away from the past – or Phillip!

9:27 – Ashlee offers to stay at Company. She’s reluctant to go see Coop at the hospital. Buzz arrives and needs to occupy his time, so he gets behind the counter and goes to work.

Buzz is blaming himself for letting Coop go, for giving him the keys, for following his heart. Daisy thinks it’s romantic, but as Buzz says, “look where it got him.”

9:30 – Rick and Alan meet in Cedars. Rick can’t believe how brazen Alan is. Alan is wondering if Phillip is healthy…..

9:31 – Beth and Phillip are at the mansion. Phillip tells her she doesn’t have to be afraid. Beth says she’s not ready to see him yet. Phillip recounts what she’s been up to….Beth says “you were gone – I hated you for it, and I did what I had to do. Don’t judge me.”

No more blogging, for a moment, kids. You just have to watch this scene, for yourself.

9:37 – Lizzie is accusing Bill of planting evidence in Cyrus’ house. She finds photos of Phillip and her in Bill’s pockets….

9:40 – Bill tells Lizzie he found the photos at Phillip’s old place. Lizzie isn’t eager to see daddy.

9:42 – Daisy wants to know if Buzz really believes he did the wrong thing.

9:43 – Alan tells Rick Phillip had a gun. Rick: “It wouldn’t be the first time someone shot you on your wedding day!” Bwahaha!  Rick suggests Bill Lewis may have been the catalyst behind Phillip’s return.

9:46 – Phillip is helping Beth take off the bloody wedding dress. They talk about James, who’s away at prep school. They also talk about Lizzie’s kidnapping, and the fact that they’re grandparents (!). Beth asks if he’s here to stay and Phillip bolts….

Beth IS the poster child for codependency, isn’t she?

9:50 – Beth has put on some clothes and is at Cedars. Buzz tells her there’s no news. Then Rick comes with an update: Coop has damage to his liver and has lost a lot of blood.

They all do know Rick is Dr. Death, don’t they?

9:52 – Alan sees Bill, and tells him Phillip’s back.

Meanwhile, Lizzie’s at the wreckage. Phillip walks up behind her. “Hi sweetheart.”

Tomorrow: Lizzie is less than warm to daddy, and Olivia is NOT HAVING IT.

3 thoughts on “Liveblog: Phillip’s return, day 4

  1. Thank you so much for blogging GL all week. It has been a great week for loyal viewers. I’m beginning to think that TPTB actually listened to all of you “bloggers” who went to Peapack. Thank you for going and giving them you sage advice. I have to admit I’d almost given up hope on GL, but I think there is a glimmer on the horizon. Now, do something about ATWT.

    Thanks Joy – I’ve been neglecting ATWT and the other soaps a bit with all of the action at GL, but I’d love to make a set visit to Brooklyn and have a few days to see and interview actors there.

    Whether or not I’d be invited, I think they’d probably consider that if the right story came along that they wanted to promote, or if there was a big change in the works.

  2. Thank you so much for pointing out that the relationship between Phillip and Beth smacks of co-dependency and that Phillip’s story options need to be kept open. I fear those in charge will rush to throw this couple back together because of the warm and fuzzy memories a group of fans have of their teenage romance. Beth has changed too much as a character since then, and Phillip, if he’s truly taken the time to deal with his demons, should have changed and matured enough to see that their relationship is dysfunctional and not really healthy for either of them or their children. There are more interesting ways for both these characters to go as adults than backwards towards their high school prom.

    Thanks Tilden. I’m eager to see these characters interact with each other, but yes, it shouldn’t – and can’t – be leaping back to what once was. Beth is seriously co-dependent on any man she’s involved with, and Phillip is a bit of a control freak – let’s not forget he blinded her when he bombed the studio or whatever that was. So that dysfunction isn’t new. It should be dramatic and fun to watch, though.

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