Liveblog: Phillip’s return, Day 3

Phillip and Alan are going to




9:00 – Phillip and Alan are still at Phillip’s “grave” while the Coopers and Beth are at Cedars. Beth is having a very Lady MacBeth (ha) moment in her bloody wedding dress – out, out, damn spot!

9:02 – Shayne and Dinah in the dinge-a-teria that is Shayne’s motel tomb – I mean, room.

9:04 – More Coopers, and Reva and Josh walk into the middle of the melee.

Coop comes to and learns that Beth didn’t marry Alan.

9:05 – Everybody run…..the prodigal son’s got a gun……..

((theme song la la la))

9:09 – “Never play with a loaded gun.” Alan is trying to apologize for shooting Phillip. Phillip pulls the gun on Alan – and makes him shiver and shake – then walks away.

9:11 – Coop, Beth and Buzz @ Cedars. Coop is talking and remembers the accident.

Beth and Coop have a moment alone. Coop’s love for her is so sweet. And it DOES remind me of the kinds of things Phillip did for Beth. Although of course those backfired too (Beth went blind, etc).

More Josh, Reva and Buzz commiserating.

9:14 – Shayne and Dinah talking about Ghost!Lara.

(Listen, I like 97% of the new sets and outdoor sets, but this hovel of a hotel room reads really bad on-screen.)

Dinah is trying to convince Shayne that Edmund is no better than he used to be. Dinah opens the door and – oops, there’s Edmund.

I like when Edmund is nice, or semi-nice.

9:20 – Dinah goes to Josh and Reva to warn them about Edmund. Meanwhile, Shayne and Edmund are toasting Lara at Towers.

Reva calls Shayne and coaxes him away from Edmund.

9:22 – Coop is headed to surgery – no one is saying what’s happened, only that it’s serious. Buzz is wondering if Alan is responsible for Coop’s accident.

Frank tells Buzz that the last call on Coop’s cell phone is from Alan. Buzz wants to blame someone……..

9:23 – Beth is outside of Cedars, and Alan walks up. Alan is playing nice, but Beth wants to kill him. ALAN ACTUALLY WANTS TO CONTINUE THE WEDDING. Denial is NOT just a river in Egypt.

9:24 – Rick and Phillip are talking! This may not be a happy reunion, though. After all, Phillip kidnapped Rick’s kid, and Rick married Beth, same old competitiveness.

9:30 – Rick talks about his relationship and marriage to Beth. “Blue skies and palomino ponies.” 

9:32 – Beth and Alan are fighting. Alan is strong-arming Beth and is still taking the hardline. Beth is, too. Finally, she’s fighting back.

9:33 – Shayne, Josh and Reva are talking about Dead!Lara at Company. Dinah and Edmund cross paths again, this time at Company. And….Roc Hoover is his bodyguard? No, apparently someone following him. I might vaguely remember a scene with Jeffrey talking about this a few weeks back….

9:37 – Jokes about Coop crashing the car. Frankie says, “don’t borrow mine!” They determine Alan did indeed call Coop before the crash.

Why does Frank call his siblings “bro” and “sis”? It’s annoying.

Coop remembers that the Red Hoodie of Death pulled him out of the car. And mentions Rocky (Ian). I was so hoping that character would have been brought on to interact with his brother.

9:38 – Phillip and Beth.

I have to tell you: They still have it, no doubt.

9:43 – Phillip walks toward Beth. Beth…..gets up and walks away. She’s got a lot to deal with, doesn’t she?

9:44 – More Dinah and Edmund. They’d make a phenomenal couple. Edmund is hiding the fact that Lara was pregnant.

9:45 – The Lewises having cake at Company. Shayne calls them on their shit, and they admit it. Edmund calls – he’s keeping Shayne in his web.

9:46 – Coop is in surgery – Frank is trying to comfort her.

9:51 – Edmund sees Shayne with Josh and Reva at Company – he’s angry that Shayne lied about where he was. Dinah’s right – the Lewises will never let their kind into their inner circle.

9:52 – Phillip is at his gravestone, shaking his head. Clearly, this wasn’t the homecoming he’d anticipated.

Beth and Rick talk about Phillip.

9:53 – Buzz confronts Phillip, goes to smash his head in with a rock and – Phillip! Despite his anger towards Alan, he says “Leave my father alone!”

Perfectly Phillip and Alan, I think. They’ve always had a love/hate relationship. Or Phillip has with Alan.

And – today’s over.

Still to come: Buzz tries to figure it all out. And Phillip has yet to see Lizzie!

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