Liveblog: Phillip’s return, day 2

When we last saw Phillip – he and his Red Hoodie of Death were busy pulling Coop out of a burning car.

And it ain’t even sweeps!

9:00 – Buzz and Frank are waiting to hear how Coop’s attempt to break up the wedding goes….Buzz knows that everything’s going to change (just not HOW it will change). If Buzz would write a book? He’d call it either “What the Hell Happened” or “Cautiously Optimistic.”

Oh look, it’s Daisy. Trying to crack open a beer. A bad judge of character AND a lush. She mentions the G word. Ugh.

9:03 – Mallet and Marina adoption zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. (Sorry, this one bores me to tears.)

9:04 – Lillian (who looks GREAT!) is trying to nudge Lizzie into stopping the wedding. The church looks great. Is it just me, or does the lighting in the church look like the old production model.

9:06 – Beth dons her veil. And Phillip is pulling Coop out of the car. What is this song? It’s got great lyrics.

Let’s hold hands and sing Kumbaya! Or the theme song.

9:11 – More Company shenanigans.

I’d like Daisy so much more if she didn’t have hideous taste in men.

9:14 – Mallet and Marina are getting a kid! Woo!

Oh, crap, maybe not. AND it’s not Mallet’s fault – it’s Marina’s!  Because she dated Danny Santos (doh!), the adoption agency is “troubled.”  Hmm, interesting. Almost makes me want to have Danny return to town!

Marina just got the call about Coop’s car (without knowing it’s Coop).

9:15 – Phillip drops Coop off at the hospital, then asks 411 for the number to Company as he runs out the door.

9:17 – Lillian and Beth – Lillian can’t convince Beth to stop the wedding.

Small guest list, isn’t it?

9: 18 – Beth and Rick, with Rick also trying to talk sense into Ms. Raines. Beth is hellbent on protecting Coop. Down the aisle she goes.

9:22 – Marina realizes the burning car is Buzz’s.

9:23 – She calls Buzz, and tells him about the wreck. Everyone’s disraught.

9:25 – How the hell is Coop just lying in the middle of Cedars, with no one helping him? WSPR needs to do a special on how lame-o Cedars has become without Ed Bauer.

9:26 – Bill and Operation Drunk Guy! I have to say, Drunk!Bill is restoring the flirty nature to Bill and Lizzie that has been missing recently.

9:28 – Lillian and Rick look like they’d like to kick Alan. Alan has his own vows! Bitter, party of one, your table is waiting. Alan keeps it classy by calling Beth a slut without actually calling her a slut.

OOOSH! Phillip comes in just as the minister says “speak now or forever hold your peace”!!!!!!


9: 34 – Lizzie and Bill fighting outside of the church. Bill faux-sleeping – very cute!

9:35 – Marina’s hysterical. They find Coop’s cell phone and see Alan was the last person who called Coop. Buzz and Frank head to Cedars while Daisy holds down the fort.  And she lights a candle in the window (the guiding light, of course).

9:37 – What’s a man gotta do to get some MEDICAL ATTENTION????

Phillip walks towards Beth…….Beth touches him to see that he’s alive, then passes out. They think Beth’s bleeding, but it’s Phillip’s hand with Coop’s blood on it. (Quelle poetic!)

9:42 – More Bill and Lizzie…Lizzie’s called Bill a cab.

9:43 – Finally, Coop’s gotten medical attention, and Frank and Buzz found him. Meanwhile, Phillip tells everyone it was Coop in the car. Beth runs to the hospital, but not without screaming at Alan. Phillip tells Alan, “let’s take a walk.”

Oh, good. Phillip is going to KICK. ALAN’s. ASS.


9:48 – Lizzie comes back to an empty church. She’s not sure what’s happened. Daisy continues to wait at Company; Bill arrives and finds out about Coop’s accident. Bill comforts Daisy, and offers to hang out with her. I like this relationship a lot.

9:50 – Buzz is having an Shirley-MacClaine-in-Terms-Of-Endearment-Give-Her-The-Damn-Drugs moment. Everyone gets to Cedars – the Coopers, Lillian, Rick and yes, Beth.

9:51 – Phillip and Alan at the cemetery, in front of Phillip’s “gravesite.”  Phillip’s got a gun! “It doesn’t hurt anymore….where you SHOT me.”

And……FIN, for today.

Tomorrow….a seriously MUST see Phillip/Alan faceoff.

2 thoughts on “Liveblog: Phillip’s return, day 2

  1. I enjoyed your play-by-play…considering I work until 9 today.

    That conclusion is going to be immensely satisfying for me, lol.

    Maria, the Phillip/Alan confrontation looks fantastic.

  2. Finally watched and very much enjoyed it. My favorite part (besides my “the only couple I’ve ever ‘shipped'” self loving the Phil/Beth reunion faint) was when Alan scolded Phil for helping Coop: “You could have been killed, son.”

    The little incredulous pause and half eyeroll, suggesting, “This from the man who shot me.” I literally laughed out loud.

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