Liveblogging: Phillip’s return

It’s here! I’m liveblogging the first Guiding Light episode featuring Phillip’s return. (EDITED TO ADD: I’ll be liveblogging all the shows this week, as it looks like Phillip’s return will be in most of them.) 

NOTE: I’m liveblogging the 9 am show, so if you don’t see the show until later and don’t want to be spoiled, DO NOT read this thread until then. Thanks!

9:00 – Bill and Cyrus. Looks like they’re really trying to see a Bizzie/Cyrus triangle here. Is there a woman under 40 in Springfield that Cyrus hasn’t slept with?

9:02 – Lizzie and Beth – Beth is clearly dejected that she got caught.

9:03 – And Alan and Rick! Alan asks Rick to be his best man….and Rick gives him a big WTF face.

9:03 – Jenna!

Oy, this damn theme song.

9:08 – Coop tries to get out of the basement. Oh no! He’s got a gun! Dude, you’re safer there. Chill out. Wait! He’s free!

This is like in the movies, when the family is happy and then the little kid starts coughing. You just KNOW what’s coming.

9:10 – I love Fiona Hutchinson. She looks like she hasn’t aged a day since she left. Why isn’t she back on GL – or anywhere, for that matter?

Nice line – “Have you ever regretted anything for love?”

9:12 – More Rick and Alan. Rick smells something fishy.

9:14 – Bill is !remembering!

9:18 – Bill and Billy at Company. Bill’s putting it all together.

9:20 – Angry Alan Face! He must be hanging around with Shayne and stealing a bit of Angry Shayne Face! for his wedding day.

I don’t get the whole “Spualding myth” business – we are amazing and omnipotent and must be worshipped, etc.

9:22 – Buzz and Coop. No! Don’t get into the car! Go back!

OMG! Coop just slugged his dad.  Either he’s really in love, or Beth is really fantastic in the sack.

9:25 – Midshow bumper. It’s Mel! I wish Mel was front-burner, and a total bitch a la Doreen Jackson on Generations. Yvonna Wright always has to play so good and so serious, but I think there’s an inner bitch just waiting to come out…..

9:27 – Bill and Billy are gonna crash the wedding. Bill sidehandedly insults Billy, but Billy loves his son and helps him anyway. Jordan Clarke (Billy) is so great.

9:29: – Lizzie and Cyrus blah, blah, blah, semi-porny space filling blah blah blah. Murray Bartlett is easy on the eyes, though.

9:31 – Beth and Alan. Beth looks like her best friend just died. (Oh, wait…..)  Alan is seriously deluded. But not so deluded that he doesn’t ask Beth for a prenup. And not about money – for custody of Peyton.

Who wants to lay odds on a “Who Shot Alan” mystery by May?

9:35 – More Buzz and Coop. Buzz tries to tell Coop about Jenna. Coop points out that Alan could take Company away.

Justin Deas is fearless. And he can make even the biggest goose egg shine. When he’s got a great story, as he does here, it’s impossible to look away.

No Phillip yet………..

9:40 – More “Cizzie” and “drunken” Bill. Bill tries to taunt Lizzie about Roxy.

9:43 – Ooosh! Coop walks into Beth’s dressing room, with her in a white gown! Coop is pleading with her, but Beth is resisting.

Oh! No, it was all a fantasy. Beth comes to and it’s Alan behind her.

9:44 – Frank and Buzz are back at Company. Buzz is preoccupied with Coop and the shadow of Alan possibly closing it down.

9:46 – Coop is in the car. Alan taunts him by cell phone. Coop loses control of the car…..crrrasshhhh. (What, this was a surprise? Y’all saw the promos.)

9:49 – More fake-drunk Bill with Lizzie. Bill is trying to plant the seeds of doubt in Lizzie about Cyrus. Where’s that long-haired brother of his?

9:50 – Beth reads Alan the riot act for taunting Coop. Beth: “My name is RAINES.”  Alan is just as cruel in return.

9:53 – The car, the car, the car is on fire. Coop is bleeding and passed out – and here comes Phillip in a red hoodie.

Previews: Can Phillip get Coop out of the car? And the obligatory “if anyone objects to the wedding speak now” business.

2 thoughts on “Liveblogging: Phillip’s return

  1. Patrick, I’m so glad you got to see the ending. We had a news interruption (Sully and the flight crew) in New York for the last 20 minutes. The sad thing is, it was so pointless until around 11 when the Q&A started. I will have to watch the rest later on. Wasn’t it great to see Jenna today?

    Roger – yes, I loved the Jenna sighting. I wish the character (and actress) were still on the show. I’m sorry that you missed the end of it – the CBS affiliate in NYC seems to preempt the show for the most pointless things.

  2. Patrick are you going to do this again tomorrow? I can’t comment on a show I haven’t seen yet.

    Bloss, I think I will! I may just live blog it all week, frankly.

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