Whither Snark?

There’s a chorus of voices in the soap blogosphere, but one hasn’t been heard from in quite some time. Snark at Snark Weighs In hasn’t posted since early January. 

What’s up, Snark? Are you busy? Have you become a Scientologist? We’re all worried. Let us know you’re OK. At least blink your eyes once for yes, or twice for no.

One thought on “Whither Snark?

  1. Maybe the economic downturn has affected him? I don’t know much about him, but perhaps it’s to his benefit now to be focused on his job and/or expenses so that he can then focus on the blog again when he’s able?

    Maybe the guy (whose name escapes me) who ran WOST and co-hosted the “Snarkcast” might know? Not to take anything away from you and the other fine bloggers out there, but Snark is…well, Snark. 😉

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