This is home

Soap magazines and network suits might say the word “fan” as if it’s a nasty word. 

But if loving this fan’s GL video is wrong, I don’t want to be right. 

What this gets so right – and what many people think is missing from all of the shows right now – is a tie between past and present. There’s a delicate balance, a place where history informs what you do and how you move forward without become an albatross around your neck. GL is becoming better about those kinds of ties, but sometimes, fans have the best memories – and are therefore a show’s best resource.

One thought on “This is home

  1. What a wonderful video! Watching some of the older clips I’m reminded of one of your earlier postings when you mentioned that GL is sorely in need of a tentpole character on the order of a Maureen Bauer. Seeing Ellen Parker again made me wish — like so many others — that there was a way to undo the damage GL did years ago by killing off that wonderful character. (Whatever happened to Ellen Parker, anyway? Any soap would be lucky to have her join their cast!)

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