Oakdale Express

I haven’t deliberately ignored talking about As The World Turns lately. Its older sibling Guiding Light has had a lot going on to distract me!

I’ve been encouraged by GL’s recent stories. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same across the board at ATWT. 

There have been some good moments, though.

Luke and Noah’s first time was a great payoff for all of us who were rooting for the couple. And the culmination of the Lucinda/Brian story was also a phenomenal payoff. 

Even within those moments, however, I was a bit disappointed. Brian’s story should have been a twelve-month arc, not a twelve-week arc. (Brian may have been on slightly earlier in the year, but the story was essentially told over a twelve-week period.)  It’s a big credit to Laurence Lau (Brian) that we came to care about Brian at all. 

And though I loved that Elizabeth Hubbard (Lucinda) was in a front-burner story, I have to say that this particular story required her to play stupid. It’s Lucinda Walsh, people. There’s no way she wouldn’t have been able to figure out Brian was gay. A more interesting choice would have been for her to realize her new companion was gay, but for there to be such genuine love between them as friends and companions that she’d decide to marry him anyway. 

Of course, Lucinda could have a partner who’s her equal in every way if she reunited with John Dixon. I though those two were each other’s best matches, and bringing John back could also facilitate a connection to a newer resident of Oakdale that many of us have speculated about. (IMPORTANT NOTE: Since ATWT has recast fever, it’s important to note – when I say John, I mean, Larry Bryggman!) 

As for Luke and Noah, I know there was a tremendous debate about the fact that the scenes of them making love weren’t promoted ahead of time or “spoiled.” I didn’t really have an issue with this, especially after so many people complained that the Brian-is-gay plotpoint was spoiled to death. 

But I still think that ATWT doesn’t clearly understand what to do with the couple, and they don’t seem to understand how best to harness the interest that the story has generated. I’ve spoken before about them dropping the ball when the couple initially kissed (and there’s more at We Love Soaps – Roger Newcomb is definitely the “Nuke” expert among us). 

The video of them making love has generated at least 150,000+ hits on the Internet (if not more, by now). And what happened? Nuke were nowhere to be seen for days afterwards.

I understand the economics of daytime, and that every actor can’t appear every day. But there should have been something fun and interesting for new viewers (who were sampling the show to see after those love scenes) to sustain their attention. Because I have to say, watching Paul and Meg scream at each other? Isn’t cutting it.

Had they launched the story we’re hearing is next for Nuke – being part of a murder mystery – immediately after, it would have given viewers something to invest in and follow. And maybe Luke and Noah could have been part of a fun, flirty story. You know – instead of Nick and Nora, it could be Luke and Noah!

With Dusty and Craig back, the Doom and Gloom brothers have eaten up a whole lot of the show again. But I have to say, I’m enjoying Jon Lindstrom’s performance as Craig. I’ve been pretty vocal about not liking Dark!Craig, and I still wish the show had made better use of Scott Bryce’s return. But Lindstrom brings a sense of humor and some much needed vulnerability to Craig. 

More on ATWT soon…..

One thought on “Oakdale Express

  1. I’m glad you clarified that if ATWT were to bring John Dixon back that it could only be Larry Bryggman who would do the character justice! I can’t even think of any actor on daytime — past or present — who could take Bryggman’s place as Dr. Dixon.

    I also am in agreement that the show severely dumbed down Lucinda with regard to Brian. I wonder what Liz Hubbard had to say about that…?

    As for Noah and Luke, I was one of those folks who mobbed YouTube to see “the scene”. I was also one of those folks who was pretty annoyed that they were put on the shelf for a few days while we listened to Meg and Paul bickering. Honestly!

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