Happy Birthday, GL!

Guiding Light turns 72 today. The first radio broadcast of GL was January 25, 1937. (The initial TV broadcast was June 1952.) 

Just recently, I talked a bit about how the beginning of GL happened in my backyard in this post.

Meanwhile, Roger Newcomb at We Love Soaps is such a great historian for all of the shows, and has a bit about GL’s anniversary here.

Here’s a few clips of the 70th anniversary show – one of the best GL has ever broadcast. 

One thought on “Happy Birthday, GL!

  1. I missed the original broadcast of this. Thank you so much for putting it all together in this way. What a moving episode.

    I did wonder, though, if the final vignette…about the death of a loved one…and the spirit going on…if was a small wave to the audience about the future, and treasuring what has come before.

    If GL is ever cancelled, on that final day, they would be wise to rebroadcast this.

    It was so nice to hear those classic words read:

    There is a destiny that makes us brothers.
    None goes his way alone.
    All that send into the lives of others
    Comes back into our own.

    Mark, this did strike me at the time I viewed it as a very poignant elegy for the genre of soaps and for Guiding Light.
    I’m hoping for more GL, but if the show did end, I would hope that its last days would honor history as well as this show did.

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