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Our president-elect, slated to be inaugurated tomorrow, is all about grassroots efforts, so I thought we’d try to highlight a grassroots movement here

I recently had the pleasure of meeting (online) Tracey Smeltzer, who’s a big Guiding Light fan and is responsible for, among other things, the website for Ron Raines (Alan). 

Tracey and a number of other fans have banded together to show support for GL. A la Jericho – where supporters sent CBS nuts – these supporters are suggesting that people send P&G products – specifically a Duracell battery – or an image of those products to CBS to let them know they should keep GL on the air. 

gllightonIt’s been a hard road for the last few years for GL, and although I love the show and want it to survive, I’ve had plenty of criticisms of the last few years.

But frankly, the show’s been on an amazing upswing story-wise over the last few months, and deserves to have more time. 

CBS is undoubtedly nervous about the economics of keeping GL on, and that nervousness and doubt is exacerbated by soap websites that are all but calling time of death for the show (or wishing it dead in print).

But all creative concerns aside, it’s wise for fans of the show, and of daytime, to root for the show to continue.I worry if GL or DAYS goes, it will be a domino effect that will expedite the cancellation of other shows and the complete – and irreversible – implosion of the genre. 

If you’d like to see more information about this campaign, including other P&G items that fans have suggested we mail to CBS (including, yes, Always maxipads) check out this link about the campaign.

8 thoughts on “Grassroots efforts

  1. Thank you for helping the campaign by adding the info on your website. I am a fellow poster with “Sandflea”, the person who made the battery suggestion. There was another campaign called “Save Our Show” back in Sept., 2008, and I created a MySpace page for it. We are using that page now as the place where information can shared.

    I hope all fans of Guiding Light will help. Now is the time!

    If you have a myspace account, please add yourself as a friend, and post a comment that is about “Save Our Show” or Keep the Light Shing”, etc. It might help if the friend’s list is very long and the comments are many, if the powers that be ever see it.

    I thank everyone in advance! 🙂

  2. It is a sad thing to consider the end of something that has been a part of the American entertainment culture for so many years. The idea that so many long time Guiding Light fans, (longer by many years than any show in history) would be deprived of a show that they have dedicated so much of their time and allegiance to, would end this way is beyond comprehension. I have been a fan since 1976, 33 years, and I am a new guy compared to some of the people I have met who are Guiding Light fans. There are many who remember when Guiding Light was a 15 minute show on the radio, and they listened with their grandmothers. There should be more to this than mere corporate greed, and there should be solutions that do not include cancellation of Guiding Light.

  3. I have been very impressed with the new writing on GL and want to make sure that everyone at CBS knows to cancel the longest running soap as well as program without giving the new writing a chance is unfair. Please do not take Guiding Light off the air.

  4. Thanks for all the publicity for the campaign to help save Guiding Light.

    So many of us grew up with the characters from GL as part of our family on a daily basis. It would be a shame for this long running icon of a show to fail at this point.

    I’ve watched Guiding Light since “hector was a pup” and remember when Ed and Mike were young men. Guiding Light needs to get back to it’s roots.

    I believe that the show has many more viewers than anyone imagines. Under the present ratings system Guiding Light doesn’t get a fair break due to the varied times that it’s shown across the country and that many of the CBS affiliates don’t show it at all.

    Rhonda (rjb)

  5. Guiding Light gets better and better! Have you watched it lately? You will be amazed!

    The production team is doing a great job with the new production model. The sound is great. I love the permanent sets as well as the wonderful outdoor scenes. The filming has returned to a classic look, with each shot framed to perfection, and the editing is smooth between camera angles. It all seems real and natural.

    Then there are the stories! They are much improving! I was not thrilled when they had an off screen romance between Beth and Coop come to the forefront, but now I am really enjoying the performances of Beth Chamberlain as Beth Raines and John Driscoll as Coop. These two actors are making the story work as it heads to its inevitable crashing end.

    Lizzie’s kidnapping story has gone on a bit too long, but it is developing in ways that allow many possibilities. Morever, Marcy Rylan has risen to the task and made this story work. Now that Cyrus and Lizzie seem to be taking an interest in one another, the possibilities are tantalizing, to say the least!

    Shayne is back and Jeff Branson is knocking the part out of the stadium!! He and Dinah, played by Gina Tognoni, are HOT!!!!!

    Then let’s not forget the most tantalizing moment of all, which happened at the end of the show on Monday, Jan 19, 2009, when Olivia, illustrating to Natalia what the other parents thought was going on between them, laid a big kiss on Natalia! The looks on both actresses faces were priceless!

    In addition to these hot stories, we have been seeing more of our core characters: Reva, Josh, Jeffrey, Vanessa, Billy, Buzz, Lillian, and Alan.

    Now, everyone knows that Grant Aleksander as Phillip and David Andrew MacDonald as Edmund are returning to the show. Things are really going to be happening in Springfield!

    Please, if you haven’t watched Guiding Light in a while, watch a few episodes, get to know the wonderful characters whose stories have entertained us for generations!

    Keep the Light Shining!!!!!

    It is no secret that daytime serials are struggling in the ratings and that our beloved Guiding Light is at the bottom of the list. Show your love here! SHARE WHY PEOPLE SHOULD TUNE (BACK) IN TO GUIDING LIGHT!

    Join us on FaceBook:

  6. I am so glad that my fellow lovers of this wonderful soap are rallying together to keep it going. It took awhile after the format changed to work all the bugs out, but they did it and once again they are hands down, the best show in daytime. The writing continues to get better and better, and was there ever any doubt that the best daytime actors can be found on this show?

    I have been watching Guiding Light since I was a little girl and I can’t imagine a day without my extended extended “family”. My husband even knows all the characters and the story lines as well as I do!

    The loss of this wonderful show would be the end of daytime viewing for me and I think that there a lot of people out there who would agree with me.

    Please keep the “Light” going for a long time to come!

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