At swim, two boys: Postcard from Oakdale

Sorry I haven’t posted much lately – I’ve been knee-deep in some other projects.

But of course, I wanted to add my two cents to the chorus about Luke and Noah finally making love on As The World Turns

I am torn on a number of points, including waffling between whether I agree with Telenext’s approach to make it “no big deal” or whether I disagree and believe it should have been shouted from the rooftops.

But at the end of the day, there’s this: Two men were intimate and loving on screen on daytime. This is an accomplishment. 

Many others are skillfully dissecting how it happened and how that story was told, and they all have valid points to make. But I will be honest: personally, I’m tuning that noise out and am really peacefully celebrating this moment. To me, it fulfills the glimmer of promise that started when Douglas Marland introduced Hank Eliot two decades ago – a world that more accurately reflected the real world (and my own world). 

I agree some points of the story are weak, but quite frankly, this story is not the weakest or the one I have the biggest issue with at ATWT right now. I also hope that Luke enjoys this milestone in his life….but I’m hoping for a more grown up relationship for him in a year or two. 

(By the way: At Swim, Two Boys is the name of an amazing book that tells the story of young love between two young men not unlike Luke and Noah. I highly recommend it.)

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