Programming notes


Happy 2009, everyone! 

A few future programming notes related to this blog….

Effective with the new year, the blog is focusing on the P&G/Telenext shows

images-1Mind you, this is not really a change per se – after all, most of my content is about Guiding Light or As The World Turns – but I’m just sort of coming out of the closet about it. Out and proud!

And also, blame Mallory and Becca at Serial Drama. They’re awesome, awesome writers, and they get away with only blogging about a handful of shows (the ones they watch). So I’m going to be the yin to their yang, so to speak, since they don’t favor either show.atwt

I may occasionally comment on other shows, especially if something completely boneheaded happens onscreen or backstage, but otherwise, it’s all about Brooklyn, Manhattan and Peapack here. 

Back to the future. I’m also hoping to talk more about the history of the shows and talk to actors who have appeared on any soap in the past. I’m especially interested in having these people share first-person narratives, so I hope I can bring you more of that. 

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