Johnny D

A few days ago I wished Elizabeth Hubbard a happy 75th and celebrated her years as Lucinda Walsh on As The World Turns. Her birthday was December 22nd. 

I mentioned Larry Bryggman in that post, and his wonderful work as John Dixon. Bryggman’s birthday, ironically, is the day before – December 21. And it was a landmark birthday for Larry too – his 70th. 

Happy birthday to Larry – a very sorely missed presence on ATWT.

2 thoughts on “Johnny D

  1. I went through a period where I was unable to watch ATWT and didn’t really get a lot of news/gossip about it, either. Was Bryggman fired or let go? Or did he leave of his own accord? And how was John Dixon written out? Given Chief of Staff elsewhere? (It would have been a hoot if he’d been given CoS in Bay City or even Monticello…lol)

    I really think that when TPTB decided to have John and Lucinda divorce, it was a huge mistake. They were perfect for each other! I wish they would find a way to bring him back and give ATWT an infusion of good old Dixon attitude. 😉

    Matt, if I recall correctly it was definitely Bryggman’s choice. ATWT made a lot of adjustments around the time he left and renegotiated contracts with many veterans who weren’t appearing as much. I think Bryggman said no to their offer, and he simply stopped appearing on the show. Unfortunately, I think that’s permanent, and I can’t see anyone else playing him.

  2. Larry Bryggman–kinda of a nasty guy! Hated doing interviews. I interviewed him (on a street corner on the UWS–his choice!) after he won his Daytime Emmy and he was very difficult. But who cares? Johnny D was the best! A REAL actor. At least we can still seem in theater here. ATWT needs his genuine brilliance desperately now!

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