All hail Queen Elizabeth!

Earlier this year I wrote about As The World Turns, and how much I enjoy the performances of Don Hastings (Bob), Kathyrn Hays (Kim) and Marie Masters (Susan). Though these vets are not as front and center as they should be, or could be, I included a video clip of the three actors from this summer’s Alison/Chris story that showed that all three were still amazing, compelling actors who still have “it”.

I noted that Hastings and Hays both turned 75 (!!) this year. Joining them today in the 75 Club is Elizabeth Hubbard, who has played Lucinda Walsh on ATWT for decades.

When I discovered ATWT in 1986, it was because I was flipping through the channels and saw Lisa Brown. My reaction was, “Hey, it’s Nola Reardon!” Β Lisa may have caught my eye, but Elizabeth, as Lucinda, kept me glued to ATWT in those days. Lucinda had the most to lose in the Lily/Iva/Lucinda birth mother story (and did). And not only was she involved in that story, but fiftysomething Lucinda had a love life of her own! Her whirlwind romance with Johnny D was a high point.

Imagine – a teenager watching not only for the young love story (Lily/Holden/Dusty) but loving the other characters too. I loved Lucinda and John Dixon. Hubbard and Larry Bryggman were a match made in soap heaven.

Clips of John and Lucinda are hard to come by, but here’s a lovely scene between Hubbard and another actor she had combustible chemistry with – Scott Bryce. (The character may be saying “get lost”, but the affection between the two actors shines through in subtext.)

Happy birthday, Ms. Hubbard, and many more for you and for Lucinda, one of ATWT’s most compelling characters ever.

7 thoughts on “All hail Queen Elizabeth!

  1. I *adore* Elizabeth Hubbard and like yourself, to watch her as Lucinda Walsh is pure magic. The Lily story gave her a ton to work with (along with playing against Lisa Brown, another powerhouse, in my opinion), but I will always consider the sequence where ATWT flashbacked to the days of Lucinda’s mother — played by Hubbard — as incredible. I really enjoyed watching that and it added such additional layers to a character that had a ton in the first place. (I wish I’d been old enough to have seen her as Dr. Althea Davis on The Doctors, when that show was in its prime. I’ve read that she was stunning in that role, just as she’s been as Lucinda.)

    Hastings, Hays and Hubbard — all 75 now?? Amazing, isn’t it? I look at those folks and none of them look that age. I suppose it really is true that when you do something you love, it keeps you young. πŸ™‚

  2. That clip is incredible, Patrick. The chemistry between Hubbard and Bryce is amazing. A character like Lucinda should be front burner five days a week, and should be the leading scene in each episode to keep viewers tuned in.

    Sadly, though I know this was not your intent, the clip also suggests to me much of what is wrong with today’s ATWT. Core characters are BLOWING EACH OTHER UP??? The scenes for the next episode show a core character POISONING HAMBURGERS??? Really? That does not speak positively for the viability of the characters. Whom does one root for in that scenario??

    It’s funny. The scenes were exciting and compelling. The explosion plus the preview definitely made me want to see the next episode. But if I were a regular viewer, I could quickly see myself “eye-rolling” at all the over-the-top violence.

    But I guess that is the point of your blog on the marlena site today πŸ™‚

  3. Too bad you never saw Liz and Gerald Gordon as Nick and Althea on The Doctors. They were literally explosive, argued passionately and loudly all the time! They could knock any current soap couple clear off the screen when it came to talent. I once wrote a whole page tribute to Liz’ career back in the SOW days. She adored it, darling!

    I have vague memories of Liz as Althea – we occasionally watched The Doctors before DAYS in our house, but it was never an everyday habit.

    I wish I could see those episodes now!

  4. @Connie: Maybe we need to petition PGP to start showing The Doctors, then! I wouldn’t mind even seeing just classic clips of the show — especially of Liz Hubbard and Gerald Gordon! (Now you have me all frustrated that I *can’t* see it, Connie! πŸ˜‰ )

  5. Matt–I don’t think The Doctors was a P&G show–but I don’t know who owned it. Colgate-Palmolive? You never know–I’ve run into soap fans with the most amazing collections of antique soaps, old kinoscopes for goodness sakes. Maybe Liz herself has some old shows. Alec Baldwin might have some–he talks publicly about his days as Billy and has written about it. It was his first job. Not everything is lost!

  6. @Connie — you’re absolutely right, it was Colgate-Palmolive. Got carried away! πŸ˜‰ I know some of the PGP shows are stored in salt caves in the Midwest (my father actually had to do a verification of a bank’s assets that were stored there and told me there was a large room with dozens of videotapes and films marked “Procter & Gamble”). I wonder where Colgate-Palmolive stores theirs? πŸ™‚

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