Some puzzling questions answered

In surfing around the Interwebz a bit, I found a few questions about Guiding Light, particularly about Peapack, that I knew the answer to. 

  • Peapack isn’t a hop, skip, and jump from the city by any means – it’s 40 minutes away. Several fans questioned the wisdom of having actors drive or travel that far. However, many of the actors live outside of the city. And several – including Kim Zimmer and Crystal Chappell – actually live closer to the Peapack location. 
  • There is a shuttle bus that leaves Manhattan every morning and travels to Peapack, and actors and crew can always use this mode of transportation. There is also a train to the city from Peapack and neighboring city Gladstone, and eagle-eyed neighbors may have seen some actors riding these trains, particularly if they have other places to go on a given day of filming. (We learned, for example, that Marcy is taking classes at the Fashion Institute of Technlogy. And we know that Mandy Bruno, who plays Marina, has an active calendar of theater appearances.) 
  • The show has a home base there – referred to as the “show house” – where actors can take breaks, change clothes and go into hair and makeup. 

If you have other questions, please email me. I’ll publish all of the questions I’ve got answers to next week.

One thought on “Some puzzling questions answered

  1. I’m curious as to how the townspeople of Peapack feel about the show filming there — both when it was proposed intially and now that it’s been going on for a while. What benefits does the town — and GL — get from this partnership?

    I’m sure I missed some article that discusses all of this, but inquiring minds…. 😉

    Hey Matt – according to Lou Geraci, GL’s location producer, businesses in Peapack have been very accepting of GL. Once they got a sense of how the show acted – that they were quiet, respectful, and not intrusive, more and more businesses were cooperative and lent their exteriors or interiors to the show. Lou said that in all of the times they’ve asked to shoot someplace, they’ve never received a no.

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