Perspective is everything

Yes, I still have a LOT of content to share with you about my trip to New York City and to Peapack to see Guiding Light in action. I’ve just returned to Chicago today and am taking some time to decompress and process everything that happened. I’ll hopefully have something up for you tomorrow. 

My fellow bloggers have revealed themselves in their blogs. Roger Newcomb (We Love Soaps), Sara Bibel, who writes “Deep Soap”, a critical analysis column for Fancast, and Michael Fairman, who’s well known as a publicist and writer in the industry and has his own website. (Our fifth blogger, Canadian-based Matt Purvis, was unfortunately ill for some of the festivities.) 

I’m still so grateful that I was included. As I said at one of the luncheons, “Exactly how big was the hat you pulled names out of, anyway?” 

I am such a fan of all of these writers. I often agree with Roger’s assessments and feel like we’re similar in our appreciation of, and history with, the P&G/Televest shows. Sara’s writing has given me so many insights since she started posting content a year ago. And Michael’s built an enormous library of interviews and great content with actors, probably because he’s so warm and approachable and easy to talk to – not to mention so knowledgeable about the industry. 

Look for an update soon….And if you’re a little overwhelmed by all of the GL content, there’s always Snark Weighs In, who amused me today by declaring on his site that he was “the only blogger NOT blogging from Peapack.”

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