Context is everything

Ever since I learned that I was invited to New York and Peapack, NJ to see Guiding Light, I’d been thinking about how I’d approach the visit. The weeks before the visit were filled with work and writing for my day job and a big shift in my personal life (moving in with my partner).

On Friday, I was counting the hours until my trip when I was called into a meeting.

At the meeting, they told me that my job was eliminated, effective immediately.

Nothing like losing your job to TOTALLY distract you from plotting to rule the world.

I was so blindsided for most of the weekend that as I was packing Monday morning (yes, I am that person who waited until 3 hours before departure to pack), I still didn’t have a take on what I wanted to ask, or what I wanted to say.

And then I watched a repeat of an Oprah Winfrey show, where she reunited the cast of The Mary Tyler Moore Show. And watched Oprah, arguably the most powerful media figure of our time, burst into tears at the joy of her experience watching the show – a show that gave her a path of light during a dark time and encouraged her to be Mary Richards (and then some).

And I realized that the context, the perspective I needed to see this experience through, was my great love for this genre, and my great love for this show. When it comes to this show (and all soaps), I may throw my hands in the air, roll my eyes and repeat words not fit for a family publication, but that frustration comes from great respect and great love for an artistic achievement that started a very long time ago.

I hope you’ll enjoy the next couple of days and my dispatches from Peapack and New York City.

3 thoughts on “Context is everything

  1. My God, Patrick! I’m so sorry about the job loss. Truly, please accept my sympathies and best wishes.

    But, for the moment, please ENJOY this great experience with GL. Not only will you get to spend some time with the show you have loved, but you’ll enrich us with insights that–so far–we have only been able to conjecture about. In addition, how cool it is to be able to hang out with some of these other great soap writers.

    As a group, you further show that–when it comes to soap coverage–we’re in the midst of a media evolution. And you are on the leading edge.

  2. Patrick, I’m so sorry to hear about your job being eliminated. Maybe that door closing means another one is just about to open?

    Have a great time in Peapack and NYC. It may sound corny, but… Follow your bliss!

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