On the radio

And now, a programming note. 

Yes, “On The Radio.” I couldn’t resist. 

I’ll be joining Marlena Delacroix and fellow contributor Damon Jacobs on “In The Zone,” the acclaimed soap talk radio show, on Friday evening, December 5th. The show airs at 10pm Eastern and is 90 minutes of chat.

Come by, listen in and call and join us while we celebrate the first anniversary of Marlena’s site. And heck, I might even reveal that “secret” of mine on the air!

2 thoughts on “On the radio

  1. Can you post a link after the fact once the chat has been archived? I won’t be able to listen with the landline while it is live.

    I should be able to do that – I think they usually post their last several chats on the site anyway.

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