An extra four dollars

That’s how much extra money I’ll keep in my wallet every week now!

Because the Soap Opera Digest I bought on Friday is the last one I’m buying indefinitely.

Four dollars!


That could buy me any number of things.

  • The extra-extra large sized mocha coffees I’m addicted to (hello, Starbucks and Caribou Coffee!)
  • Most of a $5 footlong at Subway
  • A greeting card to send to my boyfriend
  • A short cab ride in Chicago
  • A bowl of chili at my favorite food cart
  • A round trip adventure on the Chicago Transit Authority’s fine trains

That’s $208 a year I’ll save! Hell, that’s definitely a down payment on the new Mac that I must have  covet want.

Seriously? I’ve been buying SOD since 1986 and SOW (or, as it’s also been called, SPW – because who wants to be referred to as a SOW?) since 1989. No one wants them to succeed more than me.

But I took a vacation from Digest in the mid-to-late 1990s when every cover was Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall (quelle irony!) and became Days of Our Lives Digest. When the magazine returns to at least a slightly more balanced sense of coverage, and shies away from being Victor Newman Digest*, then I’ll welcome it back to my coffee table.

*It’s been said before but bears repeating – this is not a rant at the fine work of Eric Braeden. This is not about him at all. It’s about magazines doing really stupid things when their circulation is already disappearing faster than Sarah Palin’s borrowed wardrobe.

6 thoughts on “An extra four dollars

  1. Patrick what kind of Mac do you want? I can understand why you won’t get SOD for the time being… With SOW, my frustration is that other than the news items, there isn’t much content. The Did You Know section is repurposed from old issues.

    BL – I’m going to get a new Mac desktop eventually. Not that I really need one. But as my Facebook profile says: I like shiny things!

  2. I hear you. As a Y&R fan, I’m not complaining so much…but also I find the magazine simply boring. The “news” is old (the problem for ALL print media) and the rest is just too superficial. Sites like yours give me much more of the analysis and opinion I want. As a male, I don’t care about the makeup and fashion nonsense.

    On another note, what is the secret?

    You’re tenacious Mark! All will be revealed soon.

  3. Patrick, I can’t blame you. I am a subscriber so at least I save $$ there.

    My main reason for hanging on is that the subscriber covers are sometimes different and a cover with Luke and Noah or others from ATWT or GL is probably only going to happen for subscribers.

    Which is insane in the extreme. I wish for ONE WEEK they’d put the Luke/Noah story on the cover and see how it sells. ONCE.

  4. Patrick, you lasted much longer than I did, dude. Mostly I thumb through SOD at DeLauer’s a newstand near my work.

    I can’t even remember the last time I bought a SOD… wait, I do remember. It was when they did a retrospective of Vincent Irizarry’s work of twenty years of soaps. Good times.

  5. Off-topic, so please forgive me (but I try to tie it in below)

    From Marlena Delacroix today:

    “Marlena says: Oh LOL, Patrick. As we discussed you and I are going to co-collate a book on the snarkiest sayings of Esther. No one knows more about GL than she, and about many other soaps. You must obey!

    Can’t wait to see you here in Manhattan next week at last!”

    In Manhattan at last, eh? Hmmmmmmmmm. New job? New soap-related job? I hear SOW needs a new Editor :).

    Good soapy secrets must be continuously poked at, building tension, until they are finally and explosively revealed.

    I shan’t reveal my secret just yet.

    But I can tell you that your scenario, as fun as it sounds, is not it LOL.

    I’m not sure I’d want to be an editor at SOW. I think as hard as it is for soap writers to please viewers creatively, it’s nothing compared to the mantra of sell, sell, sell that the magazines have to adhere to.

  6. I’m a subscriber. Have every issue of SOD going back to 1980, so am loathe to break the collection.

    But if I was paying for it on the stands — at $3.50 a pop — I’d have checked out a long time ago. Nowadays, it takes all of about 10 minutes to read through the handful of articles which interest me. Back even 5 years ago, I devoted an hour to devouring the latest issue.

    And I’ll have to admit, since the Jossip thread revealing so many behind the scenes goings on which so directly affected what we saw in print, its lost all semblance of relevancce to me. Blowjobs for coverage? Payola for Blondies for coverage? Sad state of affairs for journalism. Even soap journalism.

    James, I admit it was impossible to resist checking out that Jossip thread. But while some of it may have been a window into what went on there, I’d be very reluctant to categorize that as fact. The only safe assumption we can make is that SOD is every bit as cutthroat and competitive as any other major magazine.

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