I’ve got a secret

I have a secret….

It’s quite the miracle that I’ve kept this news to myself for so long. I’m trying this new “discretion” concept. It’s still a bit novel to me, but I at least have an vague, fuzzy idea of what discretion is.

(Unlike ‘shame’, a foreign concept that I’d have to look up in the dictionary…..)

In any case, more will be revealed in this space soon.

Look for some updates over the long weekend soon, but in the meantime, I hope everyone who is celebrating Thanksgiving this week has a great holiday.

6 thoughts on “I’ve got a secret

  1. *shakes fist at sky* (as camera zooms up for a bird’s eye view, naturally)

    Damn you, Erwin!!!!!!!!

    You got a head writer gig… didn’t you?

    Tom, I WISH that was the case. But…in a strange way you’re kinda close!

  2. I’ve been checking for updates all weekend…so when do we hear your secret? I am eagerly awaiting!

    Sally, any good soap writer has to make his audience wait a bit for the reveal! ; – )

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