The sound you hear is the ice in hell freezing over

I swear, I am way too cynical.

First we get Barack Obama as President (which I wasn’t sure I’d live to see). 

Now, a second thing I thought I’d never live to see has come to be: 

According to Soap Opera Digest and Snark Weighs In, Grant Aleksander is coming back to Guiding Light

All I can say is: OH EM GEE! This will be either the best thing ever, or it will ruin Phillip for us for perpetuity. Whatever happens, it will be more interesting than watching Reva defrost her fridge. 

This is strictly conjecture, but I bet diamonds to dollars Grant is getting his wish to direct as part of the deal. If CBS and Telenext were wise, they’d make Grant executive producer.*

*Then again, having an actor as exec producer hasn’t always been a big bonus for the show, has it?

4 thoughts on “The sound you hear is the ice in hell freezing over

  1. i don’t know about cynical, but fan reaction has certainly been muted and downright cautious. and who can blame them (us). fans have been burned so many times, people are afraid to invest emotionally.

    but it will be good to see grant alexander again. i suppose it would be too much to hope for scenes with phillip, rick and beth…

    Lynn, we can hope. Though one wonders how the show will deal with Zach being in Greece. My own pipe dream is that they somehow use India to bring Phillip back. That would make SO much sense. So, clearly, we’ll get some storyline where he had a secret past affair with Natalia instead. Or Doris. Or something equally senseless.

    I know – bitter much?

  2. Patrick,

    Well, I’m delighted to hear Grant will be back on my TV screen in the new year. But like so many others, I’m also apprehensive about what storyline they’ll serve up for his return. After all, David K. is also the headwriter who killed Phillip off in 2004, thinking it would be a brilliant story. And 90 percent of Davey’s stories since then have been even worse than that one.

    Ahh, for the glory days of soaps when they hired headwriters worthy of their paychecks. Remember how GH hired Claire Labine to pen Luke and Laura’s return back in 1993? And that also heralded some of the best stories GH ever told.

    Maybe GL could hire Pam Long back to write a fitting return storyline for Phillip. Well, I can dream, can’t I?

    But I, too, would love to see India return along with Phillip. Springfield so desperately needs her feisty presence.

  3. Maybe we can get lucky and have India bring him back-I would also love it if it turned out that somehow, Ashlee is his daughter, because I heart Caitlin Van Zandt from what I’ve seen from her on YouTube.

  4. What is funny though insane is that the SOD announcing Grant being back on GL, has Eric Braeden on the cover.

    I hope Grant enjoys getting paid to hang out and act with his pals.

    BL, I think Eric’s required by federal law to appear on the cover at least every other week. It must have been one of those line-item laws that got passed with the economic stimulus bill!

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