In context

imagesLet me preface this post by sharing a few facts about my relationship as a viewer to One Life to Live.

I’ve always been an occasional viewer. I started watching in 1991, when Michael Malone came on board to write. I became very involved in watching Megan’s death, and then the resurgence of Viki’s alters.

I also watched Marty Saybrooke’s rape and subsequent trial of Todd Manning and his co-conspirators. I especially loved Hillary Smith as Nora during the trial.

I eagerly began to watch the show more frequently earlier this year, when Ron Carlivati’s excellent writing made it a must-see show, but OLTL lost me this summer when it became a convoluted mess.

It’s a show that I enjoy, but am not invested in.

I’m telling you all of this to underscore another fact: when I watched the Todd/Marty lovemaking scenes last week, it disturbed me so much I actually got sick. As in, vomited.

If I as a part-time viewer am having that reaction, I can’t imagine what other people think or feel.

I think the story could have been an exploration of redemption, or trust. It could have been a way for Todd to really, truly make things right. Instead, by lying to Marty, by keeping his role in her rape and the existence of her son a secret from her, he raped her again just as viciously as the first time.

Yes, I’m sure Marty’s ultimate moment of truth will be powerful. But was it worth making her look like an ass? Was it worth violating her again?

Marlena Delacroix has written a masterful assessment of the whole story here.

And yes, it’s time for another OPEN LETTER, to all TPTB:

Folks, take note of what happened in this country last Tuesday. After years of conflict, ugliness and conspicuous negativity, people had their say and voted for hope and change and a more concilatory, positive tone. As Marlena says, we want emotional reality.

Right now,  TPTB think that all we want to see are train wrecks. And those derailments might inititally grab attention, but eventually…..too many train wrecks makes viewers wary about boarding the train in the first place.

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