Dreaming of Ross Marler

I’m sure you’re all sick of hearing the word “election”. I’m glad our nearly two-year-long presidential campaign is finally over today!

But I’m going back to 1992…the year that Ross Marler ran for the Senate and had an amazing campaign – and his entertaining, fabulous dream.

I’m going back because in 1992, Guiding Light was one of the best hours to watch on all of TV.

In the fall of 1992, I was an exile from college, trying to work in theater and write a public access TV soap opera (that never materialized). I was also working hard for a candidate that I was encouraged by. His name was Bill Clinton.

1992 and 1996 were happy years, but there hasn’t been much to celebrate in politics since. No matter what your beliefs, it’s been a very divisive few years.

I voted for Barack Obama not because his policies are SO fundamentally different than McCain’s (in some cases, they’re not) but because Sen. Obama actually listens and HEARS the voices of other people with other views. This is the best part of Bill Clinton, as well – his ability to build consensus. And Obama does so with respect and an empathy that can go a long way towards healing division.

As daytime continues its freefall from the sky (with the news today that the networks may discontinue airing the Daytime Emmys), I really wish we had someone – like Ross Marler, maybe? – who could make things right and encourage the industry to stick around, rather than rabidly tear itself apart.

EDITED TO ADD: What a magical evening, being in the beautiful city of Chicago on the evening of Barack Obama’s win. Unforgettable.

2 thoughts on “Dreaming of Ross Marler

  1. Patrick I love your columns and always seem to agree! Never more than today (about Obama as well).
    GL in 91/92 were magical times. If I knew then what I knew now I would have kept every episode on tape. I loved Ross and Blake (sherry) and the election stuff was fierce!

    Thanks, Louisa! I’m sitting here watching Obama’s speech with tears rolling down my face. Despite my cynicism I am hopeful!

  2. I ran into your site after doing a search on Jerry verDorn. I grew up on Guiding Light. But the most memorable years for me were between 1980 – 1983. I was in high school during that time. I supposedly graduated with Mindy, Phillip, Rick and Beth.

    Anyway, I was sad to here that Ross was treated badly when he was dropped from the roster in 2005. I’ve seen the current format and I don’t like it. What I like about the old format is that there were families that have existed for years and years. I always felt that I could go back and remember when… Now, there is nothing familiar about GL, except maybe Billy, Reva, Josh and Vanessa. But even they look so much different now.

    Thank you for letting me visit. Have a great day.

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