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I know the soap blogosphere is very crowded, but I’m glad to see that my friend Star has launched her own blog, “It’s Only The Soaps.”

Star can be seen in several spots on the Internet as BL or Blosslover (“Bloss” being Blake and Ross, a late and much lamented and missed couple on “Guiding Light”).

I wanted to spotlight Star’s writing, because it’s always so thoughtful. Any time I’ve posted here or at the Marlena site, it’s a joy to have Star respond. Those responsed always make you think, and engage you in a discussion.

I also wanted to take time to say hi to some of my other friends here in the blog. I met Star and several other folks during the years we all frequented the online soap message board The Buzz (aka “GLBuzz”). There are many folks to say hi to there: “Buzz” himself, Dax, Gatekeeper, Wagara, Mountaineer, Terri, RVD, and a few others I’m undoubtedly missing. These may just be names to a casual reader, but it’s been a great experience to be part of this online corner of the world. It’s a real community and it’s great to be a part of it!!

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