Setting the mood (Part 1 of 2)

As you may have noticed, A Thousand Other Worlds recently got a bit of a makeover. It now has a new blog theme.

As I was making that change, I started thinking about how themes set the mood for the shows on the air.  Music has always elicited an emotional response for me, so it’s no surprise that theme music would set the tone for many viewers.

In my next post, I’ll go in-depth into the themes of one particular show, but I thought I’d feature four themes here that are, clearly, instantly recognizable and definitive for the shows they are a part of.

One thought on “Setting the mood (Part 1 of 2)

  1. Ahhhh.. the breathy, wonderful sound of the “Santa Barbara” theme song just put a smile on my face as if seeing a very good, long-time friend after awhile. The theme was as intriguing, humorous and dramatic as the show was; a perfect reflection of music and story that merged to form one of the finest shows this genre will ever have the pleasure of watching.

    I never tire of hearing “Nadia’s Theme (The Theme to “The Young and the Restless”).” It has never needed an update like so many other shows (cough**GH**cough**OLTL) because it is a wonderfully, classic piece of music that needs no changing, no updating and certainly not a total rewrite that sounds like generic elevator musak such as most of the daytime drama’s have now. Other then Y&R and B&B, and DOOL, I cannot think of one show that has tinkered with or completely changed their theme music to the detriment of the show.

    Yes, all opening credits need updating, especially with cast changes, additions and newbies but a true classic theme never needs a do-over. Bravo to Y&R for sticking with their song and being true to the nature and atmosphere of the show. It has given us chills, happiness, sadness and conflict all at once and it belongs in the canon of television theme songs as the perfect way to start the show.

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