But he has no head!

Forget Sarah and Trig Palin. The real miracle baby of the week has to be the newly announced pregnancy of Reva Shayne Lewis Lewis almost-Sampson Spaulding Lewis Cooper Lewis O’Neill on Guiding Light.

Yes, a woman of an advanced age having a baby is unusual, but it’s hardly unheard of. After all, Ada and Rachel on AW both had late in life babies, and GL’s Holly also did. (Note to GL: This might be a good time to bring Holly back for a visit to her old pal Reva. Some of us actually remember who Holly is.)

No, it’s more the fact that Reva has, in the last five years, gone through (a) menopause and (b) a bout with cancer. Women who recover from cancer have babies all the time. But we were led to believe that the menopause was pretty finite.

I’m sure it’s possible and of course, a miracle. But this sort of reminds me of this scene from Soapdish.*


*Which ironically references a storyline from 1973. Kinda like Erica’s abortion that turned out to not be aborted? How coincidental….

3 thoughts on “But he has no head!

  1. If ever there were a time for a P&G character to consider abortion, this would be the time. Or at least, an early amnio, or a CVS, or some sort of genetic counseling . . . But we wouldn’t want reality to stick its nose into this poor excuse for a soap, would we now?

    Response: Hi, Soap Dope! I have to say, I disagree with you here for two reasons.

    One is that Guiding Light (and P&G) has actually had a character have an abortion recently (Daisy).

    Two was something I read in one of the magazines and kind of appreciated: that neither Reva or Jeffrey has been there beginning to end to raise any of their children.

    I do COMPLETELY agree that abortion and all of the other topics you mentioned should be at least a part of the conversation Reva and Jeffrey have prior to making a decision.

  2. When I first read that Reva was pregnant, I swear to the Soap Gods, I thought it was a joke. We watched her go through menopause onscreen for goodness sakes. This is the kind of thing that encourages peoples’ dismissive attitude towards the genre.

    And what’s the purpose of this storyline? Most fans are going to see it as ridiculous, it’s going to anger a large segment of viewers that have been waiting for a Josh/Reva reconciliation, and it certainly isn’t going to draw new viewers in. Maybe I shouldn’t be so quick to judge the story, but I stopped watching GL almost a year and a half ago, and hearing this doesn’t exactly make me want to tune in again 😦

    Response: I’m actually not exactly hating this story. I just found the actual pregnancy itself to be a little far-fetched. But I think it may actually be an interesting story for Reva and Jeffrey. And I’m not sure Josh and Reva being reunited is a good thing, at least at the moment.

  3. I could buy this story if say Reva had decided to go through a process to reverse menopause so that she could give Jeffrey a baby since he never raised Ava and he was grieving over his lost grandchild or if they took Reva’s eggs and found someone to be a surrogate like say Cassie for instance! But having Reva be pregnant so suddenly is a poor writing choice to keep Jeffrey and Reva together instead of exploring why Jeffrey and Reva are a better match than Josh.

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