Pretzel logic…

… not just the title of a Steely Dan album.

Okay, let me just make sure I have this right.

Josh Griffith was fired from Y&R for allegedly  rewriting the scripts of the current head writer. Even though Griffith had definitely been asked to do that very same thing during the strike?


And Ed Scott was fired from DAYS for allegedly rewriting the scripts of the head writer. Which is a no-no according to the Writers Guild of America (WGA)…

…and he’s being replaced by Gary Tomlin. Who, as I understand, was definitely writing scripts during the strike. Which is a no-no according to the WGA.

Huh? After reading all of that, and trying to understand it all in vain, I feel like this must be the required training video for upper management at the shows.

Can anyone tell me what I’m missing?

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