Technical difficulties

Hey all, I did have a post here before about Kim Zimmer, speaking primarily about her recent interview in Soap Opera Digest.

Unfortunately, technical issues have made it go *poof* and disappear, with no possibility of retrieving it.

In the interest of economizing on words, I will give you the Cliff Notes version:

  • Though Kim comes across as a big PITA sometimes, I’ve enjoyed her work.
  • And the interview made it clear that she does care about the show – a lot, and not just because it’s her bread and butter. 
  • She gets a few hundred points from me just for mentioning the obvious oversight of not referring to Beverlee McKinsey at the Emmys.
  • Between this interview, and the anonymous interviews of two GL stars in Soap Opera Weekly by former editor Carolyn Hinsey, it’s clear that others there care about the show and are working their asses off to keep it going despite not-so-great conditions for actors. (They’re basically being asked to wear their own clothes and set their own lighting. I’m surprised Ellen hasn’t handed a few of them cameras to hold.)

Speaking of Ms. McKinsey, Saturday would have been her 73rd birthday.

One thought on “Technical difficulties

  1. boy, i’m with you on the challenges of technology. that’s why i was so happy to find red room. if i had my own site, i’d be tearing my hair out every day.

    btw, loved your piece on soap surprises at marlena. after the surprise return of james stenbeck on atwt, i remember reading that colleen had found a piece of the scrip accidently left in a copy machine. she took the pages and flew into see doug marland (it could have been ep, robert calhoun. it’s been a long time). anyway, she’s waving the pages, saying “talk now, talk fast.”

    it really is nice to be surprised. it doesn’t happen often enough, an inevitable result of fans knowing too much, as you discussed in an earlier post.

    Response: Hey Lynn – thanks for that additional info – I had no idea Colleen Zenk Pinter knew about it beforehand! I know many people were surprised.

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