Here you come again….

The next entry on the Audacious List will appear soon. Even bloggers know they should pace their story!

The news that the character of James Stenbeck is returning to ATWT gets a mixed reaction from me.

First, I’ll say this: I love Anthony Herrera.

Herrera has made silk purses out of more sow’s ears than I could possibly count. His 1986 return was flawless. I wish that his “Hello, Barbara” scene was on YouTube. And the show was great about the return, keeping it a secret from even the actors until it was filmed. (Douglas Marland and Robert Calhoun at work, people.)

My mixed feelings are more about the story itself. For one thing, neither ATWT nor daytime is known right now for a layered, even-handed approach to storytelling. I worry that James will be so one-note that they may as well dress him in black, give him an eyepatch and have him twirl his mustache.

But I also wonder if all of the mojo of a character like James is gone. Is there anyone left in Oakdale who wouldn’t know who the hell he is, or what he’s capable of? And if there is, how can the show differentiate from previous stories where they’ve played the same notes?

This has been my big beef for several years with the character of Adam Chandler on AMC. Again, great actor – David Canary is amazing. And he, too, has “brought it” on AMC day in and day out, through ups and downs for the show. But what can Adam do to surprise us? He’s had the same exact love-sex-romance-loathing-psychotic behavior cycle with several women now (Dixie, Gloria and Krystal to name three) and it’s now to the point where there is no suspense.  Adam is only challenged by Brooke (MIA) and Erica, with whom he is rumored to share an upcoming storyline with.

I’m open to seeing more and giving the story a chance. But I think the shows are doing a bad job of grooming their next generation of villians. If Paul Ryan was supposed to be a next-generation baddie, ATWT failed; he comes off as a cross between Todd Manning lite and Dr. Horrible.

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