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Audacious list (2 of 10): As if feminism never happened.

And now, the continuing story of 10 creative pitfalls that have affected the daytime industry. Previously on the Audacious List: Complaining about the lack of diversity in culture, age, and personality. This post was originally slated for later in the … Continue reading

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Audacious list (1 of 10) – A lack of diversity

Diversity on daytime, or the lack of it, is hardly a new conversation. OLTL is celebrating its 40th anniversary, and it was new and bold in 1968 specifically because it did have ethnic diversity (much more diversity, it should be … Continue reading

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Being audacious

To properly launch my blog, I’m being very audacious.  I’m outlining for my readers (all three of them) the TEN biggest issues, creatively, that face daytime drama.  TEN? Yes, ten.  (I told you it was audacious!)

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What this blog is (and what it is not)

If you’ve stumbled across this site, thanks for coming by to visit! There are many, many people writing in blogs, magazines, and all over the Internet about soap operas. I know I am adding yet another blog to that list. … Continue reading

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